Soil Amendments

RAIZ-MOR enhances what nature has put in the soil. RAIZ-MOR is not a supplemental application of laboratory-cultivated microbes. RAIZ-MOR builds the native soil microbes by giving them the food they want and that helps achieve nature’s natural balance. Soil microbes and their environment are ever-changing as nature adapts to current conditions. RAIZ-MOR is science assisting nature. Healthy, well-fed microbes make a better growing environment for your crop – whatever crop it is.

Why should you care about microbes? – In natural ecosystems, plant health often reflects the status of the root zone microbial community. This community contains bacteria, actinomyces, fungi, and algae, and all can be used as biological indicators of soil quality. These microorganisms are highly diverse in numbers, activity levels, and functions and in their population dynamics. It is through these characteristics that the microbial communities display responses to changes in cultural practices and the environment.

The microbial community is linked to soil health and subsequently, plant health through nutrient cycling and beneficial plant relationships. The majority of the microbial population degrades organic matter. Through the breakdown of organic matter, the microbial biomass initiates the cycling of carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus and sulfur.

RAIZ-MOR helps growers make more money per acre. RAIZ-MOR works on all crops – tests prove it.


  • Carrots in Georgia – 7400#/acre increase
  • Green Beans in Georgia – 60, 40# boxes more per acre
  • Vidalia Onions in Georgia – 12.5% yield increase/acre
  • Peanuts in Georgia – Averages over 640#/acre
  • Tobacco in Georgia – 1744#/acre (dry tobacco)
  • Sod in Florida
  • Turf in Wisconsin – Improves putting green quality and color
  • Potatoes in Wisconsin

4 Formulations

  • RAIZ-MOR for Dry Fertilizer
  • RAIZ-MOR for Liquid Fertilizer
  • RAIZ-MOR Ready 5-4-2
  • RAIZ-MOR Ready 7-26-0