Lawn Fertilizers

Jump Start

Jump Start has been especially created to help northern lawns get a head start and green-up faster in the spring. Jump Start is rich in potassium, which is essential for a strong, dense root mass. Annual applications of Jump Start will help your lawn become healthier, stronger and more durable.

Greener by the Yard

Greener by the YardGreener by the Yard is made with slow-release nitrogen for steady, long-lasting color without the surges in growth that require frequent mowing. Greener by the Yard builds a thick, healthy lawn – right down to the roots. Greener by the Yard provides your lawn with complete, balanced nutrition to keep it a deep, rich green all season long.

Randy’s Special

Randy's SpecialRandy’s Special Lawn Food features double-greening action. It turns your lawn into a carpet of green, while turning your neighbors green with envy. Randy’s Special provides your lawn with complete nutrition to keep it green all year long.



Winter Coat

Winter CoatWinter Coat builds a larger, healthier root system in your lawn. A stronger root system makes your lawn better equipped to fight disease and weed pressure. Grass roots develop in the fall and spring. Your lawn will tolerate drought, heat and other stresses better and stay green longer. The micronutrient package in Winter Coat acts like a multi-vitamin for the lawn. Applying Winter Coat this fall will get your lawn green and growing faster next spring.

Lakeshore Lawn Food

Lakeshore Lawn Food is specifically designed for lawns along and near lakes, rivers, ponds and other phosphate sensitive sites. Lakeshore Lawn Food is a zero-phosphate lawn food that contains the recommended balance of nitrogen and potassium that cool-season grasses need. Phosphates are a major source of pollution in lakes and streams, and high phosphate levels support over-production of algae and waterweeds. Lakeshore Lawn Food is especially useful to help established lawns meet their nutritional requirements. However, many of us have misconceptions regarding the source of polluting phosphates, and many homeowners unknowingly contribute to the problem. Lawn and Garden fertilizers often are implicated as the major source of phosphate pollution. However, research clearly demonstrates that with proper application, fertilizer does not pollute. When phosphates are applied to soils, they quickly bind to soil particles, much like a magnet picks up paper clips. Soil-bound phosphates contribute to pollution only when soil erosion occurs. A healthy, thick lawn will have a strong root system to keep the soil in place and prevent erosion – plus it looks good!

Crabgrass Preventer

A granular fertilizer containing Team Pro herbicide for the preemergence control of Crabgrass, Foxtail, Goosegrass, Poa annua and other annual grass and broadleaf weeds in established turfgrass. Be sure to apply this material in the spring after the soil temperature has reached 52o for three days in a row. Weed & Feed A granular fertilizer containing Trimec herbicide for the postemergent control of Dandelion, Chickweed, Knotweed, Clover, Plantain, Henbit and over 200 other broadleaf weeds. Be sure that the grass is damp when applying this material. To be effective, the granules must adhere to the leaves of the weed.

Pelletized Lime

Pelletized Lime is a quickly available form of lime that is high in calcium. Jay-Mar’s Pelletized Lime applies easily with almost no dust. Anytime is the right time to lime. Apply at the rate of 50#/2000 ft2.

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