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Plover Retail Store Headquarters
Hwy B, Plover, WI

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Fertilizer Plant
3000 Walnut Drive
Plover, WI



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Jay-Mar Employees

Jay-Mar is a unique company whose employees operate as a family of professionals dedicated to serving the needs of its customers with innovative, high-quality, agriculturally-focused products and services that allow our customers and Jay-Mar to prosper.


Dave Warner, Owner/Inside Sales/Packaging/Crop Protection Chemicals

Tony Grapsas, President/Inside Sales, Wholesale Sales – Turf and Agriculture

Wayne Solinsky CCA, Agronomist

Julie Cartwright CCA, Agronomist

Ann Hoffmann CCA, Agronomist

Sammi Hoffman, Sales

Emily Wegner, Sales

Jessica Groholski, Retail Store

Lisa Hahn, Retail Store Manager

Patti Ferguson, Assistant Retail Store Manager
Lily Trzebiatowski, Retail Store

Bill Spees, Farm Seed/Feed/ Purchasing, Wholesale Feed and Seed Sales

Aaron Buchkowski, Fertilizer Plant Manager
Paul Kwiatkowski
, Fertilizer Plant

Dave Rozumialski, Fertilizer Plant

Bob Hintz Fertilizer Plant

Matthew Peterson, Fertilizer Plant 

Dan Kwiatkowski, Manufacturing Plant Manager

Joe Polcin, Manufacturing Plant

Phil Keenlance, Mechanic
Amy Peterson, Office Manager

Tonja Simmons, Warehouse Manager

Jeremy Hayes, Truck Driver/Warehouse

Sean Brown, Truck Driver/Warehouse

Colton Bustillos, Warehouse

Justin Bach-Lyp, Warehouse

Kaitlin Trzebiatowski, Accounts Receivable

Michelle Wasieleski, Accounts Payable

Jenni Lehman, Receptionist

John Easker CCA, 4R NMS, Nutrient Management Plan Writer

Mike Sikorski CCA, Custom Applicator/Warehouse

Scott Beranek, Custom Applicator/Warehouse