Jay-Mar produces a complete line of agricultural adjuvants. Adjuvants are materials which when added to a pesticide mixture in the spray tank improves mixing and application or enhances pesticide performance. An adjuvant customizes the formulation to meet specific needs or compensate for local conditions.

The most common adjuvant is a surfactant. A term derived from the phrase SURFace ACTtive AgeNT. These materials are also known as wetting agents or spreaders. They enhance spray coverage by reducing the surface tension of spray droplets. Sometimes vegetable oils such as cottonseed oil and soy oil are used as surfactants.



DartDart is a new sticker designed to hold pesticides in place without clogging the plants ability to breathe: a problem with most stickers. Dart will prevent the loss of your pesticide by forming a thin terpene film over the entire surface of the leaf. This film prevents loss due to rain, heavy dew, overhead irrigation, evaporation, and ultra-violet radiation. Dart's terpene chemistry won't interfere with crops. Terpenes are used to produce an adjuvant capable of spreading and holding your pesticide in place. Unlike Dart, most terpene stickers provide no spreading ability and may even encapsulate your pesticide and prevent translocation or mobilization. Dart improves the uniformity of spray droplets, greatly improving canopy penetration.


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A buffering agent that is designed to keep the pH of spray solutions in the range recommended by the pesticide label. Equalizer will protect chemicals from alkaline hydrolysis (the breakdown of a pesticide from too high pH).



ChameleonA nonionic spreader/sticker that is compatible with most pesticides. CHAMELEON forms a "complex" with the active ingredient in most pesticides to allow the pesticide to behave like a surfactant. CHAMELEON will help to keep the solution in suspension, reduce surface tension, and provide even spray coverage. CHAMELEON will cut through waxy leaf cuticles to increase the penetration of the spray. CHAMELEON also creates uniform droplets for more efficient coverage and to reduce drift.


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ImpactImpact is a superior nonionic spreader which allows for complete coverage of the spray solution. Impact contains organosilicone, which allows for the rapid spreading and absorption of herbicide sprays into the plant leaves and stems and is very effective with water-based herbicides. Jay-Mar, Inc. does not recommend using Impact with fungicides.


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JusticeJustice is an effective blend of agents, which act as a buffering agent and a compatibility agent to improve the stability of liquid fertilizers mixed with pesticides and /or micronutrients. Justice is used when a simultaneous application of liquid fertilizer and liquid or dry pesticide is desired. Justice is also recommended when two different pesticides are to be applied in a single source of liquid fertilizer or water.


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Meth-N-OilMeth-N-Oil is a broad scope adjuvant designed to enhance the performance of herbicides in preplant, preemergence and postemergence applications. Meth-N-Oil performs particularly well with systemic herbicides. Meth-N-Oil also offers good spreading characteristics for herbicide coverage during adverse weather conditions. Meth-N-Oil has been found to increase the stability of some volatile herbicides. Meth-N-Oil is a DuPont approved adjuvant.


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Spirit is a uniquely formulated spray adjuvant developed to improve the consistency and performance of various postemergence herbicides. Spirit combines the awesome penetrating power of methylated canola oil with the unequaled spreading characteristics of organosilicone to provide the unbeatable combination of fast spreading, complete coverage and fast absorption of spray by plant surfaces to reduce the negative effects of unfavorable weather conditions.


VoltVolt is a blend of 32% nitrogen and a quality nonionic surfactant. When used at recommended rates Volt can increase the performance of herbicides that recommend or require both of these additives. In the tank mix, you get better dispersion with Volt than you do when you add these products separately.


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HorizonHorizon is a low-foam, general purpose, nonionic/anionic adjuvant designed to enhance the performance of herbicides, fungicides and insecticides through more uniform coverage and retention of sprays. Horizon coats the plant leaf with a thin film that penetrates the leaf for faster pesticide adsorption. This intimate interaction with the plant leaf along with a special blend of sticking agents can decrease the chance of washoff by overhead irrigation and rain.


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Foam Cutter

Foam CutterFoam Cutter – Formulated to neutralize foam in pesticide and/or fertilizer tank mixes. Foam Cutter works regardless of the pH of the solution and will not precipitate. Foam Cutter reduces waste from pesticide spillage and saves tank fill-up time.


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