Our Waupaca store has closed, but your favorite Jay-Mar Bird Seeds, Fertilizers, Pet Foods and Wildlife Food Plot products are still available.  Silver Mist Garden Center is conveniently located just a couple miles south of Waupaca on Hwy 22.
Silver Mist Garden Center


January Specials

Chicken Seminar

Backyard Bird Seminar

Jay-Mar Seminar Schedule for 2015

We have several educational seminars this year.


· Saturday, January 31st

            - Chickens Seminar

            - 10am-Noon

            - Presented by Twain Lockhart, Nutrena Feeds Poultry Specialist


· Saturday, February 7th

            - Learning More About Backyard Birds

            - Tips and Tricks for Identifying Birds as Well as Nesting, Food and Habitat Preferences

            - Presented by Steve Petznick, Mosquito Hill Nature Center


· Saturday, February 21st

            - Gardening in Sand Country

            - Presented by Rob Zimmer, Appleton Post Crescent Garden Writer


· Saturday, Feburary 28th

            - The Culture of Tree Fruits & Small Fruits (There are 2 topics)

                        - Selection and Installation (10 – Noon)

                        - Pruning Fruits & Berries (1 – 3)

            - Presented by Bob Koca, KLM Services


· Saturday, March 7th

            - Wildlife Food Plot Seminar

            - Presented by Wayne Solinsky, Jay-Mar, Inc.


Watch for more details on these events at our store, here and in the Stevens Point Journal, Portage County Gazette and Buyers’ Guide.



Remember to keep your bird feeders full this winter!  Heavy snow cover makes it harder for birds to find food. Birds must search for food from sunup to dusk to find enough food to maintain their body temperature.




We Now Carry Frozen, Raw Dog Foods


OC Raw Bags OC Raw Dog Food


Stella & Chewy's Stella & Chewy's




December Tips



Pet-safe Ice Melters

Ice melters are frequently used to keep sidewalks and driveways safe for walking, but did you know you may be putting your dog at risk?


Exposing dogs to salt and salt-based ice melt products can mean an unhealthy winter and unplanned trips to the vet’s office or animal hospital.  The problem is that when dogs are let out, they frolic and eat the snow.  Many ice melt products sit on the surface of the ice.  Dogs may either ingest these ice melt pellets or they get frozen into their paws.  Later, when they are inside, the ice melts and dogs begin to lick their paws.  The salt can heat up as high as 175 degrees and not only burn their skin but their mouth and digestive system.


Jay-Mar has pet-safe ice melters that will keep your paved surfaces clear and your pet safe.

Deadhead annualsWinter Wild Bird Care

Water is vital for wild birds all year long.  Cold weather in northern climates brings a special challenge to survival because natural water sources are often frozen.  Providing ice-free water for drinking and feather maintenance can be life-saving for birds.  Water sources may be kept ice-free by an immersible electric heater that goes right into the birdbath water.  Baths with built-in heaters are also available.  Almost all birdbath heating systems are thermostatically controlled to not overheat, or underheat.  Jay-Mar has several styles available.


Winter is a crucial time for the birds that remain in our area. They spend their time facing the bitter cold and snow and ice. There are no insects to eat and the natural seeds are covered with snow; the berries and apples are gone. Birds need enough food to maintain their body temperatures and must search for food from sun up to dusk.


Jay-Mar blends several fresh bird seed mixes, right here in Plover to keep the birds healthy and happy all winter long.  Ask us which blend will attract the birds you want.






Jay-Mar Gift Cards are the perfect gift.

Jay-Mar Gift Card












Available in any amount.


Jay-Mar Gift Cards don’t expire or lose their value. That just wouldn’t be right.

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