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July Tips

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Don’t neglect your garden now.  Even though planting is done, caring for your plants in July will pay off at harvest time.


Keep plants adequately watered: 1" per week.

MulchingKeep weeds at a minimum with sprays, cultivation or mulching.


ThermometerAvoid applying insecticides, fungicides or fertilizers when the temperature is above 85 degrees. Instead, spray in the early morning.


Staked TomatoesStake tomato plants. Staking will improve the quality of tomatoes you harvest by keeping the tomato plant healthy.


RhododendronAzaleaDo not prune Azaleas and Rhododendrons after the second week of July. They soon will begin setting their buds for next year's blooms.


Fruit tree sprayingFruit trees should be on a regular spray program. Discard fruit that has been affected by scab (fungus).  If your trees are producing too much fruit, thin some of it out.


Dormant LawnIf you don’t regularly water your lawn, it will turn brown. Don’t worry.  Your lawn isn’t dead, it’s dormant.  When adequate rains return, your lawn will too.  If your lawn goes dormant in the summer heat, don’t fertilize.


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Jay-Mar, Inc. is a family-owned company in Plover, WI. Jay-Mar, Inc.'s retail store carries a full-line of premium dog and cat foods and pet supplies, small animal feeds and supplies, lawn and garden fertilizers, soils, seeds and supplies, wild and domestic bird feeds, feeders and supplies, horse feeds and equine supplies, unique garden giftware, wildlife feed plot seeds and fertilizers. Jay-Mar, Inc. features Purina Mills and Nutrena feeds.

Jay-Mar, Inc. is your total agri-supplier providing farmers with liquid and dry fertilizers, farm seed, crop protection products and custom application, soil and tissue testing services, packaging, sprayer and fertilizer equipment parts and storage tanks.

Jay-Mar, Inc. has retail stores on Hwy B in Plover and on Ware Street in Waupaca.

Jay-Mar, Inc.'s knowledgeable staff will help you make your home or hobby farm, the best place on earth.